Saturday, May 4, 2013

14 days, 3 Mondays to go!!!!

Can't believe we're almost to another end-of-school-crunch! I feel like the minute I get everything up the way I want it's time to take it down again!!! I'm lucky to have such a great grade level to be a part of! There's SIX of us teaching first grade at my school... SIX!!!! On a positive note, the HSTA and State of Hawaii have FINALLY renegotiated our contract!!! So while it's the crunch time, I'm more excited than ever to see our hard work in practice next year. To everyone out there counting the days til summer: hang in there!!!! We'll be "bored" soon enough!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well it's been way WAY too long (again) but I finally found some time to make a post. Unfortunate for me... It's at my doctor *sigh* on the bright side, I LOVE my new Essie nail polish "trophy wife" (although something mermaidish might suit it better). Thanks to my wonderful classroom neighbor (knight in shining!!!) it takes the edge of the sub stress mess. Anyone wanting to share some ideas I would LOVE to know!!! I'm always looking on ways to improve!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Spark of Creativity

Well, the bad news is I made a mistake on my taxes (*GASP*)!!! I like to fix things ASAP so of course it is eating away at me that it's a 3 day weekend and now I have to wait to fix it! (This is pretty much the only reason EVER that I hate long weekends. So boo-hoo for me that I'm wasting away my nice weekend be stressed by something that was an HONEST mistake yet cannot be fixed for another 16 hours or so.

Such is life I guess?!

On a happier note!!!!! Look what I brainstormed while I was brushing my teeth!!!! The good news:

(Yes I know it's random) but maybe I CAN get this stupid tax thing off my mind after all!

So go ahead and download it to use (IT'S FREE)!!! Best of all, the more downloads I see, I might not feel so terrible about messing up my taxes!!!