Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Community Helpers Unit Pack

Yippee! I FINALLY finished it! I made this unit pack to be workable with different books. Our school is WAY lucky in that department: PLENTY resources at our fingertips! Unfortunately, *and it's a BIG unfortunately*, we are too swamped to put it to as good of use as it should! There are times I even check a new book out from our library because I am convinced that I don't have it (of course I find it months later when I'm looking for ANOTHER book I'm convinced I don't have!)

But either way, its just super cute, fun, STANDARDS ALIGNED community helper pack to check your students understanding. I LOVE using 4 squares because it doesn't isolate the "glacial" learners. Students can draw, write, OR BOTH to showcase their knowledge of a particular community helper/worker. You can click on the preview below to have a look on my TPT store! Happy Wednesday y'all!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

still trying!

To all you blogger buffs out there: I am still down on both knees in utter amazement. Why is it so hard?! I feel like there's gotta be something that I'm missing on this whole blog thing; (and I'm not ready to accept that the "something" is inside my brain!)

Anyway, I'm once again doing a MILLION things for school: report cards, prep for parent/teacher/student conferences, setting up my grade books and lesson plans for Quarter 2 (already?!), AND creating new things for my TPT store <3

I thought I'd take some time to share this pinterest gold that I came across for conferences (but could also be used for report cards to include in each child's envelope. Thank you, Kristin over at "" A Teeny Tiny Teacher: Parent Conferences